Author and film director, Jamison, decided to film his screenplay Apparition after he got his first book published, Another Secret Part One: Tell the World Hell Does Exist, a novella about a team of gold miners that accidentally stumbles upon Hell.

Owner & Director Jamison

He doesn’t simply want to make more Christian films like the other ones that already exist. “I feel that Christian movies lack what people really need, both believers and non-believers. I think they’re tired of the same-ole message saying ‘go to church because it will solve your problems.’ Most of them have already been to a church and can give you directions to any one of them. What people need, I feel, is the type of answers that haven’t been addressed in Christian movies before. Such as, in our case with the film Apparition, do demons really exist? And do they really have an effect on us?

When Christian movies get such a bad rap from unbelievers because they always have that same message, then it’s time to step back before you write any screenplay and ask yourself, ‘What kind of movie will draw the unsaved to go see it, too?’ That is what we’re doing with Apparition. People are curious about ‘ghosts.’ So, we’re going to tell the truth about them and what they really are. No fiction, no fantasy, just the simple truth because none of this has been addressed in any other Christian movie.”

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