Actress Karla Wiese

My name is Karla Kay Wiese (people call me KK or Miss Kay). I always wanted to be an actress when I was growing up. My first acting experience was ‘Act 1’ in high school.

Actress Karla Wiese

While going to college, this genre (acting) still wouldn’t escape me. One of my friends asked me to try out for the theater class. I’m glad he did! I’ll be graduating from Wayne State College this December with a degree in theater and early childhood, and I plan to go to grad school for a degree in ‘Scenic Design.’

The film, ‘Apparition,’ will be the second movie that I’ve been in. And what is it like for me when I’m on-location filming? I’m very serious. But I also love to make things fun and enjoyable for everyone on the set; I find that it helps me and everyone working to get the scene done to relax and enjoy the work.

Actress Karla Wiese

Lastly, being a Christian I would love my acting career to start picking up; It would be nice to see what I could continue to bring and show people to the ‘on-the-set’ atmosphere.

~Karla Wiese


A message from the Director:

All of us at LF are very much looking forward to working with Karla and seeing her acting talent unfold in front of the camera.

Thank you, Karla, and welcome aboard!

Actress Karla Wiese

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