Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

How did you come in contact with Leesley Films ?

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

I met Jamison through a friend of mine. After talking about the movie, I auditioned for the part.

How important is the story of “Apparition” to you personally?

It’s personal because it’s tackling a certain subject. That we’re in a spiritual battle against these things that we cannot see, but are still very much real. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. For every angel God appoints to you, Satan so has his own (demons) to cause division and destruction. This is not talked about in church; we need to be educated and made more aware of it.

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

What are the differences in the film “Apparition” compared to other Christian films?

‘Apparition’ shows the reality of demonic activity.

How much time do you/have you devoted to the production of the movie?

I am always available to help when I can. I have contacts that I stay in touch with and share with Jamison to help with the production of the film. I believe in him and this movie.

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

What is/are your long-term goals in the Christian film industry?

I ‘d like to play a lead role in a Christian movie someday.

What did you like about the character you played in the movie?

My character came very natural to me.

Teri II (1)

Teri Lundin-Woodrum

How was the atmosphere when you were on the set?

The atmosphere was enthusiastic and positive. Jamison kept us all in great spirits.

I am ready for the next movie!

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum


A message from the director:

So are we, Teri! It was a great day of filming with all of you and we can’t wait to do it again!

Teri did a fantastic job! So much so that we were actually done after the first take (but, we filmed it a few more times for the fun of it).

I look forward to working with her for a very long time.

Thank you, Teri.

Actress Teri Lundin-Woodrum

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