Steve Bowder

“Being a musician and playing with Omaha’s Club bands and venues, I am proud to represent this film with all the interpretations of the music compositions that I’ve created in the last 40 years.

Music Composer Steve Bowder

When I recorded the music for ‘Apparition,’ I watched the scene at the same time and let myself be carried away with whichever emotions that particular scene was producing. More specifically, I based the music on what the dialogue the characters were saying and the type of setting the scene was in, whether it was sad, scary, happy, or an action scene.

What were the results? The idea worked! Jamison has often said that the resulting music takes each scene ‘to the finish line.’

Thank you, God!”


Music Composer Steve Bowder


Music Composer Steve Bowder

A note from the director:

When I first found Steve I really needed to know if he was up to the task. I knew that he was familiar with keys and had been playing for a long time, but I needed to know if he was able to produce music solely based on something visual; something that he would view (in this case, scenes in a movie). So, without holding back (“no holds barred,” you can say), the first scene I sent him was one that would be difficult to make music for; I figured that if he can do that certain scene, then he was the person I wanted. 

He came back with the music for the scene. After listening to it, I immediately knew he was up to the task.

Welcome aboard, Steve!

Music Composer Steve Bowder

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