Amy R. Pilling

Amy R. Pilling

A personal message from the director:

Amy was a natural. I didn’t get a chance to coach her for her character due to time limits, but it turned out that she didn’t need any. She was a blessing!

One of the first scenes that we filmed was in Oakland, Iowa (pictured above), and it was a big one. We had to close the street down for 10 hours, had about 25 people on location, and we had a lot of equipment to use.

I called the Sheriff’s Office prior to the day of filming and told them we would be closing a street down in the small town. I was still worried, though, that we were going to get shut down and not be able to film.

We got everything set up. Kelly, Amy Pilling’s husband, got a lift for us to use for the camera and we were about to start filming, but all of a sudden, a policeman showed up. It was the worst thing that could happen and it was what I was worried about the most. Furthermore, I was concerned that the sheriff’s office wouldn’t relay the information about us closing the street to its officers.

Kelly talked to the police officer, and he said “Okay” and drove off, but then Kelly turned and said, “Okay, I’m done. I’ll be back in a while.”

I don’t believe Kelly knew what had just happened. I was worried about the police showing up, but God put Kelly right there to talk to them if they did. Furthermore, it appeared that Kelly knew the officer.

I don’t know where Kelly went after that. He returned shortly thereafter, but his words “I’m done” shocked me. He meant that he was done setting up the lift for us, but that actually wasn’t the case. Kelly’s main job was NOT to set up the lift, but it was to talk to the police that would show up, and God would make that officer someone that Kelly would know personally. That’s not all! I was down the street from where they were talking, and God made sure I saw it all from where I was.

That was unbelievable! For the rest of the day, I didn’t have any worries about us filming there.

How did the rest of the day go? We will remember it for the rest of our lives.  Everything worked, everybody was great and enjoyed filming the scene, and the final scene for the movie is amazing!

Since then, I’ve considered Kelly and Amy Pilling to be my second family. They’ve gone far and beyond to make sure this movie gets filmed. Because of them, we were able to get four scenes filmed at four different locations.

Amy R. Pilling





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