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We’re going to be filming for 8+ days in Mitchell and Scottsbluff, Nebraska and will broadcast it live on the internet. During these all-day filming events, we’ll be having music playing when the movie cameras aren’t rolling (breaks, lunches, gatherings, etc.) in the base of operations building. If you’re a musician and would like to submit an application to have your music playing, please fill out the contact form below.

The musicians who’ve sent us their music to be played:

1. Aperture

2. Ben Harrell

3. Devon Leesley

4. Jim Clark

5. Jim Clint

6. Ken Soltys

7. Marty Gibson

8. Michael Crowther

9. Sweet Crystal

10. Vito Galati

Background video: Setting up a MIDI keyboard to record a piano piece and send to “Apparition” music composer, Jacques Rautenbach, in South Africa, for additional composition.

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Movie Soundtrack, Film Score Composers, Christian Bands, Christian Musicians, Facebook Live Event Music