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We’re going to film for 15+ days in Mitchell and Scottsbluff, Nebraska and will broadcast it live on the internet. During these all-day filming events, we’ll be having music playing when the movie cameras aren’t rolling (breaks, lunches, gatherings, etc.) in the base of operations building. If you’re a musician and would like to submit an application to have your music playing, please fill out the contact form below.

The musicians who’ve sent us their music to be played:

1. Aperture

2. Ben Harrell

3. Devon Leesley

4. Jim Clark

5. Jim Clint

6. Ken Soltys

7. Marty Gibson

8. Michael Crowther

9. Sweet Crystal

10. Vito Galati

11. DGPM

Background video: Setting up a MIDI keyboard to record a piano piece and send to “Apparition” music composer, Jacques Rautenbach, in South Africa, for additional composition.

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Movie Soundtrack, Film Score Composers, Christian Bands, Christian Musicians, Facebook Live Event Music