Director Assistant,
Production Crewman,
Zach Shonka

Director Assistant, Production Crewman, Zach Shonka


Director Assistant, Production Crewman, Zach Shonka

How did you come into contact with Leesley Films?

I joined a program called the Film Connection. They were the ones that got me connected with Leesley Films. I’m currently a Production assistant and actor for their current film, “Apparition.”


How was the atmosphere when you were on the set?

Well, I got to learn what it was like to be on a real movie set. One thing I did learn is that it can take a whole day to shoot one scene. Also, I’ve learned that there’s no limit number to how many takes there are, you do as many takes until you feel like you got it right. In my opinion, the first take never ends up being the one that makes it into the film once you get to the editing stage.


What did you like about the character you played in the movie?

I was an extra in a scene. There probably is no real excitement there. Although, there have been some big star actors where their first film(s), they were an extra. I also had a voice over role in “Apparition.” The interesting thing about that was I got to try different voices.


What were the differences with the screenplay to “Apparition” compared to other Christian movies?

I feel like this film could be realistic to things that happen in life.


How much time do you/have you devoted to the production of the movie?

I joined the Leesley Films crew towards the end of the production of this movie, but I know I have helped Jamison get everyone ready to start filming.


What is/are your long-term goals in the Christian film industry?

I ’ve been considering writing a Christian film franchise that’s similar to Narnia.

Zach Shonka


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Director Assistant, Production Crewman, Zach Shonka